KNGRO Connects Travelers and Shoppers

How It Works

How It Works

How to shop and send items with KNGRO

Decide whether you want to send something you already own or you want someone to purchase something for you. Then, post your item with its destination so travelers can bid on transporting it.

Once you receive an offer, accept it ASAP so that the traveler has time to retrieve it. We’ll need your payment to confirm the transaction, but this won’t be released to the traveler until you confirm that they delivered the item.

If you have any last-minute clarifications for the traveler, you can let them know using our messenger app. You should also coordinate a place to meet for delivery.

Meet with the traveler and confirm delivery within the app so that they can receive their payment. Don’t forget to rate them five stars for excellent service!

How to make money while traveling using KNGRO

Post your destination and travel dates on the app so that travelers can request items from you. Or, filter current requests in the app and make offers on items you are willing to transport.

Confirm all details with a shopper after accepting their request. Keep in touch to plan a meeting spot once you’re ready to deliver their item.

Purchase or pick-up the item ASAP to ensure you’re all set for your trip.

Meet with the shopper and
KNGRO will transfer the payment and reward to your account.