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How to Make Money While Traveling by Just Using Your Phone

June 25, 2018

We all know someone who makes money while traveling – or we at least follow someone on Instagram who claims to be a “digital nomad” of sorts.


Chances are, that person is a writer, or a coder, or maybe even a successful influencer. Although they’re regularly visiting tropical paradises in Bali and Dubai, they’re spending half of their time there on their laptop…bummer.


You don’t want to bring your laptop on vacation, and you certainly don’t have time to learn coding before heading off on your backpacking adventure, but some extra money to cover your travel expenses would be nice. I mean, let’s be honest, traveling can be expensive, and we’d all love to get paid to travel.


What if you could get paid without spending time in front of a big screen? What if you could get paid for using your phone and doing some shopping in preparation for your trip – something you’re likely already doing?


Well, now you can.


Here are some ways to make extra money for your trip – using only your phone. We have a feeling you’ll want to bookmark this.


1. Get Paid To Shop & Transport Items Using KNGRO

KNGRO is an app that allows travelers like you to make money without having to learn a new skill or start a remote business.


Depending on where you’re traveling – be it UAE or London – you can make money in one of three ways:


  • Shopping for a new friend abroad: Buy items in your country to bring over to your destination. Deliver it to the shopper, get a monetary reward, and make a new friend along the way!
  • Picking up a few things from duty-free shops at the airport: What better way to kill time at the airport than snagging some nice items for new friends – not to mention a nice reward!
  • Transporting an item abroad: Transport a document, a gift, or a handmade item from person A (in your home country) to person B (in your destination).


Alternatively, if you’re really trying to make some extra dough, you can make money all three ways! Depending on your destination, you can potentially make enough money to cover your entire flight! Sign up here as a KNGRO traveler to get alerts on which countries are offering the best rewards for travelers like you.


2. Get Paid to Test New Apps

Speaking of apps, did you know you can get paid to be a beta tester? Sites like Erlibird allow smartphone savvy people to test out new apps, give feedback, and get paid! For the majority of the tests, all you need is a smartphone and access to the internet. Doesn’t seem like a bad way to kill time at the airport, right? 


3.Get Paid to Fill Out Online Surveys

You’re never going to make millions filling out online surveys, but you can make a quick couple of bucks, which is definitely more than you get paid for taking a nap on the train. And every little bit counts! Check out some more legitimate survey sites here and put those idle hours on your phone into your travel fund!


4.Get Paid to Post

If you think you need hundreds of thousands of followers to get paid to post on Instagram, you’re wrong. More and more brands are tapping into the power of micro-influencers – a.k.a relatively “normal” people like you and I who just happen to know how to take some decent photos for Instagram. Try signing up for an influencer platform like Heartbeat or Rep and see if you can snag some #sponsored opportunities for anywhere from to up to 0 per post based on your follower count.