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4 Ways KNGRO Is Changing The International Shopping Experience for The Better!

May 25, 2018

 With all the innovation we have in 2018 you’d think that we’d have figured out a simple solution for inexpensive and fast international shipping by now, right?

Unfortunately, international shipping can still be super expensive – unless you want to wait an entire month. Even if you don’t mind waiting a while, sometimes you have to pay ridiculous customs fees or an upcharge because of the currency exchange or taxes where you live.

Well, all of that is about to change.

Meet KNGRO: the app that makes international shipping inexpensive, quick, easy, and even a little bit fun.

Here at KNGRO’s headquarters in the DC area, we believe where you live should not limit your experiences. We also believe that international shipping should be fast, inexpensive, safe, and easy and that you should be able to get whatever you want, from wherever you want.

Let us tell you (and hopefully show you) how we’re changing the game to make traveling more rewarding and shopping overseas much more affordable.

1. KNGRO Eliminates the Need for Long Phone Calls with Shipping Services

There’s nothing worse than trying to track a package that mysteriously goes “missing.” The online tracker doesn’t work, and you have to talk to a robot and wait at least 20 minutes before chatting with a real-live person. Unfortunately, that real-live person usually doesn’t know anything more about your package than the robot does, and you’re left playing the waiting game.

With KNGRO, you’re never throwing precious cargo into a giant mailbox that’s sorted by a machine.

Your iPhone from NYC, or your important document from Dubai, or your new Burberry trench coat from London, are all hand-retrieved and hand-transported by a real-live person who is invested in getting your item to you safely.

instead of calling a customer support helpline to ask when you can expect your package, you can message a real person through our mobile app. A real person who’s as excited to visit your country as you are to receive your package.

Check out some of our travelers to see the real people who are delivering items with KNGRO.

2. KNGRO Puts the World at Your Fingertips

Does it ever seem like some countries get all the cool stuff first? We at KNGRO don’t think that’s fair. Why shouldn’t you be able to get Belgium chocolates in India? Or exclusive Supreme sneakers in Egypt?

We also don’t believe you should have to pay hundreds of dollars extra to get a piece of the cultural pie. With KNGRO, you essentially have access to delights from around the world, not to mention a bunch of new friends who are keen to bring these delights over to you.

Check out what other people are requesting for some inspiration.



 3. KNGRO Allows You To Make Money While You Travel 

We know this sounds too good to be true, but it’s not.

Yes, you can get paid to travel by using KNGRO – enough to cover your entire flight in some cases, but you’re also providing a valuable service to a shopper in another country, and we think that deserves a reward! Don’t you?

What we can promise is that you’ll always be rewarded for your traveling. However, we can’t promise that you will ever look at traveling the same way again. You might even start booking your trips based on where you think you can get the most rewards through KNGRO. Just check out the requests, and maybe you’ll find your next travel destination in the process.

4. KNGRO Gives Access to Duty Free For All

Here at KNGRO, we believe that nobody should have to pay full price for cologne.

Just kidding – sort of. But seriously, why limit duty-free items to airport customers?

KNGRO is opening up duty-free to everyone, no matter where they are, by allowing those who are at the airport to shop for others who may not be. If you’re a traveler looking to make extra money while killing time at the airport, just make yourself available in the Go Live feature on the KNGRO app or browse requests and accept the ones you’re able to fulfill. If you’re a shopper looking for a duty-free item, check who’s available to shop duty-free for you in the Live Now feature or put in a request to be fulfilled at a later date.